Monday, August 29, 2011

Out on a Limb, and some wicked fun!

Yesterday, I attended the Stamp and Scrap Tour at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. It was a lovely day. Just leisurely looking and doing a little shopping with a friend. Certain stamps,inspire fits of laughter and then I laugh even more because I know immediately who will be on the receiving end of the sentiment.  In this instance, I found another person that I wanted to share this with.  That is after I post it here first!
This little wall hanging is just too cute to be scary. Tomorrow, it will be boxed up and sent away. To someone,who can appreciate living in a house of all girls. :) I'm sure she will laugh at the sentiment, like I did. (*that's why we are friends). The Little witch and and small dangling images are from the upcoming Out on a Limb stamp set, from the Holiday Mini catalog. Available Sept 1. The witches boots under the sign are from the Wicked Cool stamp set. Hope you are thinking ahead to some Great Halloween Fun!

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