Monday, August 9, 2010

Family & Friends Weekend

Hubby & Me at Mike & Julie's wedding
Sorry, I was under the weather yesterday.
Saturday, as a family, minus one.We attend a the wedding of Jeff's cousin. Mike & Julie Farner had a small ceremony in their home, and reception at the Leon Fire Hall. It was an enjoyable evening visiting with cousins, dancing, and just being together.
We had pulled our camper, to Leon and spent the night. We returned home early sunday morning.We did not spend much time putting the jacks under the camper.I did not tolerate the waves of the camper, with each footstep. Something to be said about sea-sickness in a camper.
Sunday, was filled with visiting. We enjoyed the company of the Flaig family. The kids wanted to show off their under-water swimming skills. It was just nice to sit and talk with Murrlene.
Then we were off to visit my grandparents. My Grandfather had called and asked me "what have you been up to, we have not heard from you all week". That was an instant invitation to visit. We visited with Grandpa and Grandma Timmel, and went out to dinner with them. 
These will be the moments to cherish, surrounded by the people you love. :)

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