Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Managers Reception Invitation

I received this cute package in the mail yesterday. It is was a welcome break from all the Christmas preparations. Baking cookies, shopping, planning, decorating, or ideas for decorating while directing Cicely takes time and effort and energy.  
So you can imagine a package arriving at my home, that does not pertain to any one's Christmas presents, was a lovely surprise!   I was also surprised as to the contents. I guessed it might be  chopsticks....?  We are being treated to an evening show with the Chinese Acrobats of Hebei. I knew it would be oriental in nature.
No Chopstick's, but a beautiful oriental fan.
How cool! This makes me excited! I am looking forward to rooming with Carolyn and catching up. While I usually can say that going away to Leadership will provides a trip to warmer weather. This year is not the case. We  are seriously lacking in the snow department.  
I  just have to make it through Christmas first. Then, I will be a tourist at the Alamo!

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