Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

 Labors of Love, Respect & Preservation of Memories, Saving for the future. I could be talking about scrapbooking.

While  these are the thoughts, and feelings we use to  reflect on why we create  scrapbook pages.

It can also be applied  to things that we are surrounded by everyday
 While this fine structure has stood the test of time. It was in need of Respect & Preservation.

This Labor of Love started last summer with the removal of 3 layers of roofing. Which included wooden shingles, and square nails.  
The Old roof was replaced by this shinny green tin roof. One part of the preservation completed.With the addition of a second floor, for all the hay. It helped free up space to prepare for all the incoming wood purchased this summer.

This is what our barn looked like on August 18th. I was instructed to take many pictures. When the exterior walls are completed, the decorative pieces of this farms past could be restored to there rightful places.

More Labor of Love Pictures Tomorrow..The Walls Completed.

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