Monday, January 31, 2011

Where I can not be found lately!

I have been Sidelined! It all started Tuesday, with some minor body aches. Nothing that a little Motrin could not handle. By Wednesday, I was sniffling with a few coughs. Thursday, I was having hot flashes.

By Friday, that was all she wrote. I played the blanket game.  By that I mean, I would start out with one blanket. I could not get warm enough, and would add another. Then, I was way too hot. Then too cold again. Hence the blanket game.

Saturday, I was a little better. At least off the couch for most of the day. But, still taking naps (NOT NORMAL!) I don't have time to nap! Oh well, tis the season!

As for today, I realized that almost a week had passed without a post. Where did the time go? I want to share this scrapbook page, that I had made about my dungeon. This is where I can be found most days. But definitely not this past weekend :(  Look for more pages to come!

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