Wednesday, January 18, 2012

 Morning in Texas was 42 degrees to start then improved. We did quite a bit of walking from the Hotel to the Convention Center. Once at the Convention Center we stayed put! 

 We did find restaurants in the River City Mall to eat at and then returned to the Convention Center, for Make and Takes, and I participated in a Focus Group. This was interesting. 

Dinner was quick, delicious and accompanied by drinks :) Quickly then we headed over to the Lila Cockrel Theatre to see the Chinesee Acrobats of Hebei, sorry no pictures, camera battery died. Snapped a few on cell phone, but no flash, so they are not quality pictures.

The acrobats were amazing, the things that they were able to do, which we thought looked painful. Incredible! The small horsdoeuvers, like teraki chicken, potstickers, sesame lo mein w/duck. Made this quite special. A new stamp set, helps make the evening spectacular.

More from San Antonio tomorrow!

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